Design YourLife – Plan Your Space with Feng Shui

You are invited to bring your floor plan and your life situation and enter on a transformational journey. Together we will align your home and workspace energetically with your purpose and vision. This is a hands on practical course where can find the key adjustments needed to support the creative expression of their intentions.

Discover how your environment is shaping your life and how simple changes to that environment bring about shifts and changes in your life. Gain insights into the underlying principles of feng shui and take away a new understanding of how to work with subtle energy to create beneficial environments.

You will learn how to track the flow of subtle energy of your space and how to correct imbalances in order to improve your life. Along the way, we will be connecting with the natural rhythms of nature to bring beauty, harmony and a touch of magic into your home, so it becomes a haven as well as a springboard for your success.

The group will allow time for each person to gain insights into their own space and we will learn from each other as the weeks progress. There will be no need to share any more than you wish to with the group and group privacy will be respected as we establish a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

The group will ideally have five people, with a maximum of eight to allow proper time for everyone to participate.

Course Details:

Five classes, each class being three hours with a break in the middle. There is a choice of Morning or Evening Sessions.

  • Week One: Fengshui and Intentional Thinking, Reading Floorpans and Chi, The heart of the home
  • Week Two: Time and Space, The Alchemy of Fire and Water
  • Week Three: Wisdom of the Earth. Relationships with our world, with ourself and others
  • Week Four: The Alchemy of Air. Healthy growth and abundance
  • Week Five: Wisdom of the ancestors and the land. Completions and celebration

Course Cost:

£150.00 to include the five classes, light refreshments and some course materials. Each class will result in recommended changes for each person that are ideally made to the home inbetween classes so we create dynamic shifts and changes throughout the course.


London and the South East, including the Hayloft, Emsworth and Jane’s Place, Brighton & Hove (see below)

Morning Sessions: 10.00am – 1.00pm
Evening Sessions: 7.00pm – 10.00pm

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For more information, please contact Louise Flower on 07747 468 167 or e:

Louise Flower works with Inner Alignment, a feng shui practise that realigns the space where you live or work so that your outer world reflects your inner most expressions. She also leads groups in exploration of the eight solar festivals of the year.