Inner Alignment gives you a fresh outlook on your environment and how it influences you.

Understanding the effects of the subtle energy flow in the natural world and in our built environment is an integral part of all cultures. Across the world varying expressions of these universal laws of energy flow can be found. In Europe we find Geomancy, in China Feng Shui, in India Vastu Shastra. These arts are expressed throughout the ancient architecture of Europe and Asia.bodmin-moor-geomancy

In Britain there is an especially rich cultural tradition of Geomancy to draw from. Inner Alignment is a modern interpretation of these time-honoured traditions.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of organizing space in harmony with natural patterns of energy or ‘chi’. Feng Shui literally means Wind Water. Wind and Water both move in spirals, they move in a whirling, spiraling vortex. Modern scientific research is uncovering how our material world is simply energy slowed down to a lower vibration – dense matter! Your home and working environment are comprised of these transforming energy fields, which are directly connected to you.

‘It is consoling that each of us lives and moves within the great embrace of the earth. You can never fall out of the shelter of this belonging. Part of the reason that we are so demented in our modern world is that we have lost the sense of belonging on the earth. We have fallen out of rhythm with life. The art of belonging is the recovery of the wisdom of rhythm.’ John O’Donohue

Rebalancing your living or working environment through an Inner Alignment consultation is a powerful way of shaping and enhancing all aspects of your life.