Contact Louise to find out how an Inner Alignment Consultation may be your perfect next step.

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The Inner Alignment Consultation assesses the energetic frequencies in your home or workplace, tracking where energy is flowing and where it is blocked. The aim is to create a consistent and strong supply of energy that flows freely and harmoniously. You will begin to experience a renewed sense of wellbeing and fulfillment when this is achieved. Measurable changes occur, often remarkably quickly.

A FULL consultation begins with a questionnaire which forms the basis for an in depth discussion on site. We tour the site together to assess the situation and you then receive a specially prepared report within a few days of the meeting. We then discuss the report together, either on site or by telephone. We agree priorities, ensure recommendations are practical for you and discuss the best ways to implement the changes. Each consultation is in strictest confidence. Further follow-up is optional and included in the fee, with questions sometimes arising around particular issues.

As well as a full consultation, you can ask about specific questions, for example advising on a house move, desk layout for new business premises, health challenges such as ways to enhance quality sleep and so forth. A consultation is often something people choose at a time of change in their lives – do get in touch to discuss your situation and find what will work best for you.