5498Louise Flower has been practising FengShui both personally and professionally for over twenty years. She has studied extensively and established her practise as one of the first graduates in Europe of Instinctive FengShui taught by Denise Linn. Louise has since gone on to train in Advanced Instinctive FengShui and Medicine Wheel FengShui.

She uses time-honoured traditions from East and West, drawing from the Eastern and Western Geomantic traditions. She has particular interests in water, sacred geometry, the labyrinth, the mandala and walking in pilgrimage, all of which inform her FengShui practise. She also teaches, leading groups in exploration of FengShui and into the eight Solar Festivals of the year. The cycle of the seasons and the harmonic spiralling of energy underpin the study and practice of Inner Alignment. Louise lives in Sussex and works mainly in London and the south-east of England. She can arrange to travel to all parts of the UK and Europe and also recommend colleagues worldwide.