Inner Alignment

Inner Alignment is rooted in the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Inner Alignment helps you to realign the space where you live or work so that your outer world reflects your inner most expression. Making conscious your relationship to your surroundings in this way is a powerful catalyst for change and brings direct practical results.

Some reasons you may choose an Inner Alignment consultation for your home or workspace:

  • to feel at home
  • to feel at peace
  • to feel nurtured
  • to feel safe
  • to feel vibrantly well

  • to focus and achieve your goals
  • to renew a sense of place and belonging
  • to simplify and slow down
  • to say goodbye to a difficult time
  • to welcome new people in

Whatever the reason, we identify together the key areas you need to change. Even small shifts and changes can transform the space to express your inner beauty and true nature.


Candlemas falls on February 2nd and is traditionally the dawn of the year, the time of new beginnings. As we approach Candlemas, in the last weeks of January, we find the evening light lingers longer and we begin to feel a sense that spring is not far off.


January is named after the Roman God Janus who is shown facing two ways and this is very much the feeling of January – looking back to what has gone before and looking forward to the New Year that lies ahead.

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